Braided Headband

How cute is this braided headband?  So easy to make and you can easily increase the pattern to create a really special scarf.

Some Winter Cheer

Here’s a holiday color block pattern to add to your projects.  A cute coaster, dishcloth, scarf, tabletop – have fun!

The Joy of Christmas in a Little Block Pattern

Here’s a fun little multi-color pattern you can add to any little holiday project.

Autumn Coasters Part Deux

Two Autumn coasters to add to the collection.

Autumn Coasters Part 1

With Autumn in full force and looking for some quick double-knit loom projects to make, here are a couple of fall-inspired coasters that you can whip out in no time.  

Pretty and Lacy Double-Knit Shawl

Have you found super soft yarn or perhaps that sparkly yarn you weren’t sure what to do with?  Here’s a great pattern for you!

Keep Warm With This Easy Sweater!

Watching football while a roaring fire warms us during this cool Sunday, my thoughts went straight to this pretty, easy-to-create sweater. 

Add Some Pumpkin to Your Fall Projects!

In keeping with our fall and Halloween theme, I had to complement our cute Scary Cat pattern with this happy little pumpkin!

Scary Cat Halloween-Style

Boo!  With Fall here and Halloween coming, how about adding this cute, scary cat (Can scary be cute?  Of course it can!) to your project! 

Who Says We Can't Knit a Quilt!

Among the many crafts I’ve dipped my hands in, quilting is another favorite.  So what would happen if I melded quilting and double-knit loom knitting?  I designed a simple block and here’s what I came up with.

Pretty in Pink Vest

As you know, I’m always searching for double-knit loom patterns beyond the standard hat/scarf patterns we see so often. Perfect for fall, here is a darling knit vest pattern – pretty in pink but any color will do!

Get Hooked on This Little Bag

How cute is this Hook Design Bag I found on the Knittingboard Pattern page?

Bring the Sea Home

I’m going through a blue phase and when I saw this Afghan Pattern, I had to share. Nautical patterns are all the rage these days so this baby fits right in. Plus, this double-knit loom pattern has all my favorite things: Shades of blue! Circles! Stripes! Stockinette stitch (which equals quick)! 

Multi-Color Scarf

Here we have a multi-color scarf that was a joy to create. Really, I loved every minute of this project.  Surprisingly, (maybe because I loved making it so much), it was pretty quick to make.

Basic Shrug Pattern

Thanks to the simplicity of this pattern (and Google Translate!), here is a wonderfully simple-to-make shrug that you can double-knit loom, traditional knit or crochet with ease.

The Celtic Knot Pattern

Celtic patterns are beautiful, spiral patterns used primarily for decoration.  They can be as intricate or simple knot patterns as your project and your experience requires.

Classically Chic Houndstooth Clutch

When I created the post for the Houndstooth motif pattern, I fell in love with it.  So much so, I decided I wanted a cute clutch in that pattern to go along with a pretty dark suit I wear.

2-Color Motifs to Add to Your Projects

Double-Knit looming makes it so easy to add color motifs.  Have you ever wanted to add a border or motif to your project but not quite sure how to wrap your loom?  Here are three motifs with wrap instructions and photos for each. Have fun creating

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