Using Color Charts for Color or Texture

Using Color Charts for Color or Texture

Last week we shared how to loom knit the purl stitch.  This week, let’s expand on that.  We can create interesting looks whether we use color or stitches.


Here is an example of the checkerboard color chart:



Each block in the pattern represents one stitch. The red blocks represent the red stitches, white blocks are the white stitches.



But we can also switch this up – each red block can represent the purl stitch.  And this is what you get (ok, I’m not the best purl loomer knitterer….):



Want to create an interesting textured border on your project?  Consider using the purl stitch on a scarf to create a border using our border color chart from a previous post:


How about textured hearts, clovers or Celtic knots?


Texture as well as color can create such interesting accents to our projects.  How about purling the red stitches WITH red yarn!


Created something interesting with texture – using the purl stitch or any other?  Be sure to share below – we can’t wait to see!







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