The Barbed Stitch – For Lack of a Better Name…

The Barbed Stitch – For Lack of a Better Name…

So I was laying in bed trying to sleep and here’s the interesting new stitch I came up with.  (Instead of counting sheep, I count stitches…)  I really love it – especially since the front comes out totally different from the back!


But what to call it?  At some point, I glanced at the sample and thought, “Hmm, kind of looks like barbed wire…”  And so I’ve called it the “Barbed Stitch”.  Have a better name for it?  Let me know in the comments section below!  I’m really at a loss….


Here’s how to make it:



Starting on the back peg, bring yarn down to second front peg and wrap clockwise bringing straight back to back pin.



Wrap clockwise around back pin bringing straight back down to front pin and wrapping around front pin again (you now have two loops on front pin).



Bring yarn up to third back pin and wrap counter-clockwise, bringing yarn to front of board, skipping the next pin.



Continue wrapping following the instructions from the beginning.





Once you have completed your first pass, hook the bottom loop over the top on the front board only.



You should now have only one loop on the appropriate pins of the front and back boards.

Turn the board around.  Wrapping the front peg again, wrap back over the first pass:




Continue wrapping to the beginning.  You should now have two loops on the board facing you.  Hook the bottom loop over the top, leaving one loop.


Turn the board around.  You should now have three loops on the appropriate pins.  Hook over the bottom two loops, leaving one loop.


Continue until your have reached your desired length.


Here’s the fun thing:  Totally different look on each side:






  • Vickie on

    I think barb wire is a perfect name for the stitch,

    • Chris on

      Thanks! That makes me feel better! 🙂

      • Sarah on

        I agree!

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