The Joy of Christmas in a Little Block Pattern


Here’s a fun little multi-color pattern you can add to any little holiday project.  Use the pattern block once to create a coaster or small dish cloth.  Repeat the block twice as a border for a scarf, dishcloth or anything else that takes your fancy.  How about a table runner?  



Download the chart here.


Each block in the pattern represents one stitch.  For instance, the green blocks represent the green stitches, red blocks represent the red stitches and the white blocks represent the white stitches. Viewing the chart, we will work from bottom up. In these patterns, you’ll want to always wrap your red yarn first in the row, then follow with wrapping the green yarn (on rows it is required) and finally, the white yarn.


Working in the Stockinette stitch, cast-on your first row in white.  Continue following the pattern from the bottom up.



Happy Holidays!




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