Quick Tip: Yarn Substitution

Quick Tip: Yarn Substitution

Finding a darling, cool pattern that you want to create can be so exciting!  It’s the right size, perfect for your skill level and you can’t wait to make one just like the one in the photo!


Until you search up the yarn used in the pattern and find 1)  they don’t make it anymore; 2) it’s the kind of yarn that’s too itchy/you’re allergic to it or 3) it’s way out of your price range!


What to do?  Well, here’s a great little site you can use to find the perfect (or as close as you can get) yarn substitution:  https://yarnsub.com/.


Just type the yarn you would like to replace and it will give you a list of substitutions:





It’s a great way to compare yarns.  Not only do you find how close of a match it is, you get the price range as well as the gauge estimate.  It even lets you know how much of the yarn you will need.


This is such a great resource and I use it all the time. 







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