Comfy, Oversized Sweater

Comfy, Oversized Sweater

Finding clothing patterns for double-knit loom knitting can be challenging.  However, I am completely up to the challenge!  Our first clothing pattern is this deliciously comfy, loose and warm sweater.  Perfect for a summer evening on the beach or a cool autumn day anywhere.


This is a great pattern for the beginner or the experienced.  The yarn really makes a difference with this darling sweater.




Loom: 28″ Knitting Board


Yarn: 11 skeins – Bernat Maker Fashion yarn in Blue


Notions: knit hook, crochet hook, darning needle, measure tape.


Size: Small/Medium


Gauge:  4″ x 4″ 10 stitches and 14 rows



Body Back and Front


Cast on 64 s​​​​​​​titches.


Loom knit in Rib stitch for 10 rows.


Switch to Stockinette stitch until piece reaches 21.5″ or desired length.  Bind off stitches.


Knit 2 pieces.





Cast on 34 stitches.


Loom knit in Rib stitch for 10 rows.


Stockinette stitch for 8 rows.


Increase row 1 stitch on each side.


Continue knitting in Stockinette stitch, increasing 1 stitch on each side every 10th row until there are 42 stitches.  Knit until piece reaches 16.5″ or desired length.


Knit 2 pieces.


You now have two front/back pieces and two sleeve pieces.





For awesome seaming instructions, check out this page.


Place the front and back pieces right sides together and sew shoulder seams, leaving the neck hole (however large or small you prefer).  Sew the seams to the sleeves.  Attach the sleeves to the sides of the sweater, then sew the sides of the sweater up to the sleeves.





Measure the neck hole and double it.  For instance, the neck hole on the sample was 12″.  Double that and that becomes 24″.  Now, measure your gauge around the center of the body of the sweater.  Take the number of stitches for 1″, let’s say 2.5 in the sample case.  Now times that number by the number of inches:  24″ x 2.5 (stitches) = 60 stitches.


Cast on the number of stitches needed (60 stitches, in this example).  Knit in rib stitch for 7 rows.  Bind off.


Attach to the neck line.


Enjoy the comfort of you beautiful, new sweater!



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  • Tracy Mayert on

    Do you have a video of how to do this sweater?

    • Chris on

      Hi Tracy,
      I don’t currently have a video of how to do the sweater. However, it is pretty straight-forward. Stockinette stitch, rib stitch and increases. All stitches can be found here.


        Can you tell me how many stitches for a large sweater?

        • Chris on

          Hi Lillian! Well, that will take a little arithmetic. The gauge for this is 4″ = 10 stitches. Take your desired width, (remember this is a bulky sweater so roomy is good), for our sakes, let’s say 35″. The formula is: Desired width ____ divided by 4 (4″ per 10 stitches in gauge) = ____ x 10. So in this case, 35 divided by 4 = 8.75 x 10 = 87.5. We round up to 88. That is 88 stitches for 35″ width. Make sense?

          You can use this formula anytime you are trying to enlarge a pattern (it goes for length, as well, using rows instead of stitches).


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