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I love crafting, all crafts, but especially yarn crafting.  Crochet - I have down.  Knitting?  Not so much.  I have always struggled with dropped stitches, uneven edges and, finally, before I could perfect my needle knitting (as if!), arthritis took over my hands.  

When I discovered double-knit loom knitting, (or DKL, as I like to call it), I was thrilled!  Finally, I could create beautiful knitting projects without the pain in my hands nor the pain of working so hard only to have sub-par results (at best! Really, I suck at needle knitting...).

I was so enthusiastic that I searched high and low for instructions - a variety of stitches to choose from, how to increase or decrease, even how to make a buttonhole!  One by one, I found what I needed. And now I've combined all those scattered how-to's into one new eBook:  Everything You Need To Know About Double-Knit Loom Knitting (but didn't know who to ask!).  

This 100-page eBook is chock full of step-by-step instructions with accompanying photos starting with cast-on techniques, on to basic stitches and advanced stitches, binding off, changing colors, using multi-colors in gorgeous patterns and more.  You won't need to look anywhere else, it's all here, in one instantly downloadable eBook.  (Even that elusive buttonhole how-to!)

Don't wait! Join me in creating fabulous knitted projects using the how-to instructions and techniques you'll find in our new ebook!

Your pictures are excellent representations of your instructions. I love the close-ups so people can see placement of the stitches.

Your instructions are precise and very easy to understand, making this a fantastic tool for someone wanting to try their hand at DKL, or as a refresher for those who haven't done double knitting for a while and want to get back into it.

- Tami W.

Gain instant access to the eBook!

What You'll Learn

Stitches, from Beginner to Advanced with step-by-step photos and instructions.

Tips I've learned along the way.

Easy to create color borders and patterns to take that project to the next level.

Multi-color yarn how-to's with easy to understand instructions on creating beautiful patterns in your work.

Table of Contents


Double-Knit Loom Knitting Basics

Knitting Loom Types

Basic Tools Needed

Pattern Conversion Tips

How to Check Stitch Gauge

Getting Started

Cast-On Methods


Hooking Over

Basic Stitches

Stockinette Stitch

Purl Stitch

Rib Stitch

Honeycomb Stitch (with video)

Ladder Stitch

Box Stitch

More Advanced Stitches

Cables (with video)

Star Stitch (with video)

Brioche Stitch

Bamboo Stitch

Changing Colors

Increase and Decrease (with video)


Color Fun

Vertical Stripes

How to Read a Color Chart

Heart Pattern

Border Motifs



Block Patterns

Multi-Color Scarf

Gain instant access to the eBook!

About the Author

Hi, I'm Chris and I started Loom Knit Central so we could find information on double-knit looming all in one place.

I discovered loom knitting after finding knitting with traditional needles painful due to arthritis (not that I was any good at it in the first place).  Once discovered, I never looked back!  But finding how-to's was difficult, at best.

Now I'm able to create beautiful knit projects for my family and friends (and myself!) with ease, and you can, too!

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