It’s Spring and Love is in the Air!

I’ve been wanting to create something we can all work on together and here it is!  This beautiful double-knit loom piece is the perfect size for a wall hanging – 25” x 25”.  However, by adding more blocks, it can easily grow into a beautiful blanket.

Each block was double-knit loom knit on a 10” Knittingboard.  The center block was loom knit on a 28” Knittingboard.  You can, of course, use any loom that works for you.


Here’s how this fun project will work.  Starting next week and each week thereafter for the next 12 weeks, I will post a new block accompanied with its color chart to download.


Each block took me a couple of evenings (at most) to loom knit.  A week will give you enough time to work on your block (or multiples of the block, if you’re making a blanket) and work on any other project you are doing, as well.


Example block and color chart:



Finally, I will post the center block and instructions on how to bring these all together.  Again, if you are shooting for a blanket, you can create multiples of each block to build your blanket with.


For this project, I used Caron One Pound Solids* – 1 in Kelly Green and 1 in White with plenty of yarn left over (I wasn’t sure how much it would take so started out big).


If you have never tried loom knitting multi-color yarns using a color chart, here are a couple of super-easy and super-quick projects with step-by-step instructions (with photos) to help you get started:


An Easy-Step Guide to Create Fun Heart Pattern



Two-Color Motifs to Add to Your Projects


The beauty of double-knit loom knitting is how easy it is to create beautiful, multi-color projects.  That, in fact, is the real reason double-knit loom knitting exists – not just to “copy” traditional knitting, but to create beautiful, sometimes very intricate, multi-color pieces (think Scandinavian-type Sweaters and the like).


So dive in and let’s create a beautiful wall hanging / blanket together!  Stay somewhat on schedule and you’ll have a fabulous gift completed way before gift-giving time comes around this year!




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  • Tracy O. on

    When will you be posting week 2?

    • Chris on

      Hi Tracy! New blocks will be posted every Monday morning (Pacific time).

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