Heart Purse for Our Little Valentine

A super-soft and cozy heart purse for your favorite little Valentine!  Surprisingly quick to double-knit loom knit, we make two heart pieces, whip-stitch them together and add a strap.


This is also great practice with increasing and decreasing.  Instead of writing the pattern out row-by-row, which I find personally difficult to read, let’s use a chart to follow.



Download chart here.


I used Loops & Threads Charisma yarn in Red.  Super soft and quick to knit up.


For this pattern, we will follow the chart when loom-knitting.  Each red block is a stitch and we’ll ignore the white blocks.


Starting on the first row, count to your 10th peg and start wrapping in Stockinette stitch (10 back, 11 front, 12 back and wrap your return pass, 12 front, 11 back, 10 front).  Lay your anchor yarn.


Moving on to the second row, wrap your 9th back peg then continue wrapping in Stockinette stitch:  10 front, 11 back, 12 front, 13 back.  On the return pass, wrap the opposite pegs.  You will now have 1 stitch on the 9th peg and the 13th peg.  All the other pegs now have two stitches.


Hook over only the pegs with two stitches.  Continue following the pattern increasing as described above.


When you reach row 20, you will wrap and knit only the pegs on the left, ignoring the stitches from peg 12 and on.  Starting on row 21, you will start to decrease. Move the loop on peg 10 to peg 9.  Wrap the row as normal.  Hook over.  When you reach peg 9, hook over the bottom two loops over the top loop.  Continue knitting the left-side of the heart until complete and bind off.


Return to row 20 on the right side of the heart.  Wrap and knit starting with peg 12 and continue knitting the right side of the heart until complete and bind off.  Bind off the bottom of your heart.


Knit one more side so that you now have two.  Whip-stitch the two sides of the heart together, leaving the top open.  Turn inside out.


I created a strap by crocheting a strap in single-stitch.  If you prefer to knit, create a strap knitting 3 or 4 stitches into the length you like.


Sew the straps to the inside top of the purse and you now have a darling little purse to give to that special little Valentine!






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