Delicate Eyelets

Delicate Eyelets

Creating beautiful eyelet projects in double-knit loom knitting is easy and oh-so-pretty!  Here’s a pretty little project that is actually quick to knit up.  It makes a very pretty scarf or other item that you want an eyelet pattern in.


You can download the chart here.


Each block in the pattern represents one stitch. The white blocks are the white (or base color) stitches.  The black block represents the space we create for the eyelet.  Viewing the chart above, we will work from bottom up.


Cast on using the Stockinette stitch, then begin following the pattern, working in Stockinette stitch.  Hook over after each completed row.


Looking at the chart, the first two rows are worked in Stockinette stitch.


Row 3:


First, on the front board, move the loop from Peg 5 to Peg 6, the loop from Peg 11 to Peg 12 and Peg 17 to Peg 18.


On the back board, move the loop from Peg 5 to Peg 4, the loop from Peg 11 to Peg 10 and Peg 17 to Peg 16.




Now, wrap every peg using the Stockinette stitch.



Start hooking over as normal, ignoring the pegs with only one loop (Pegs 5, 11 and 17).  On pegs with 3 loops , hook over the 2 bottom loops over the top loop, leaving one loop on the peg.



Continue following the chart.  Once you get to the top of the chart, start over at the bottom starting with the Stockinette rows and continue repeating the pattern until you get to your desired length.





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