The Neater Way to Bind Off

The Neater Way to Bind Off

Here’s a fabulous, easy bind-off technique for the double-knit loom. First, a quick video and then written instructions (with photos!).


Using this technique, keep in mind that when you bind off, you will be creating another row. So if you are counting rows, for instance, 15 rows, you would complete row 14 and then bind off.


You will be working from right to left. Take the loop off the first back peg on the right and move it to the front peg. You will now have 2 loops on the front peg.


Continue moving each loop from the back peg to the front peg.

Once you have completed, you now have 2 loops on each front peg. Now hook over the bottom loop over the top loop, leaving one loop left on the peg. Continue across the board.


You will now have one loop on each peg. Take a crochet hook and pick up the loop on the first peg on the right side of the board.


Now pick up the loop on the next peg.


Pull second loop through the first loop on your crochet hook. You will now have one loop left on your crochet hook. Continue picking up the next loop and pulling it through the loop on the crochet hook.


Once you reach the end of the board, pull the yarn tail through the loop on the hook. You have now completed the easy bind-off technique. Nice and neat, yes?






  • veronica on

    Hi I love the easy bind off. My question is can we do the easy bind off on an infinity loom or universal S loom?

    • Chris on

      Hi Veronica! Yes, it should work the same way. I would test it with a few stitches just to be sure, though, as I haven’t tried it on one myself.

  • Virginia on

    I understand about this way of bind off, the only thing is that it produces a tighter edge than the cast on edge.Is there an easy way to make it looser to match??

    • Chris on

      Sure! has a great how-to on the traditional bind-off. You can view it here.

  • Karen on

    Hi, I love this bind off! Is there any way to cast on so that it matches this bind off?

    • Chris on

      Use your normal Stockinette cast-on. When you bind off your cast-on row, using your crochet hook, only bind off every other loop instead of every loop. Then they will come out the same.

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