Super-Easy Wristlets

I love using wristlets – keeps my hands warm but still allows me to type and use my iPhone.  This pattern is so easy and quick to whip up – I see gifts on the horizon…


This baby was made using the 1/4″ super narrow loom by Cindwood Looms but you can use any yarn and loom.  Just loom a 7″ wide by 8″ long piece (wider for larger hands).  Start with a rib stitch for 2″ then Stockinette stitch for the rest.  I double-knit loom knitted 3 rows each of white then lavender fine yarn to create the stripes.


Once completed, I sewed the side seam from the bottom for 4″.  Then from the top for 2″, leaving a 2″ hole.  I then topped it off with a single-crochet stitch in white around the top as well as around the rim of the thumb hole.


That’s it!  Super cute, super easy and a great gift! 



Happy Looming!



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