Small Rose Case

Small Rose Case

I saw this pretty rose pattern at the same time I got a new pair of glasses.  Aha!  I’ll make an eyeglass case!  Well, it came out a little bigger than that.  So, instead, here is a darling little case for pencils, make-up, any little thing you’d like to use it for.


Pretty and easy to create, just double-knit the front of the case and another solid piece for the back.  Using single-crochet stitch, crochet up three sides and leave open on one long side.  Add a zipper closure or, like me, the easy way and use Velcro.

Download pattern here.


Follow the pattern from bottom to top and enjoy your beautiful case!


Happy Looming!




  • Sabrina on

    The link isn’t working. When I click the download button it says forbidden. ?

    • Chris on

      Sabrina, it seems to be working on my end. It is a pdf. I’ll be more than happy to send it to you via email.

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