How to Undo a Row (or 3)

So there you are, happily cozy and loom knitting the most beautiful project you’ve done yet.  Then, out of the corner of your eye, you notice the mistake you made a couple of rows down.  The feeling of horror slowly overtakes you, your heart drops and little beads of sweat break out on your brow.


What to do?  Start over?  Or perhaps leave it and no one will notice (except you and it will drive you bonkers forevermore).


Here’s the number one thing to do first:  Don’t panic!  Take a deep breath, walk away for a few minutes, take another sip of your favorite knitting-wine (you know you have one…) then look at the boo-boo objectively.


Consider taking out the couple of rows and get back to your boo-boo row to fix your mistake.  If the error is too far down with too many rows to take out, you may decide to start over.  But if not, here’s how to take out your rows.


First, and most importantly, take your time.  You will want to do this carefully so you don’t lose any stitches while working.


Insert your hook into the previous row’s stitch.

Now hook it back over the pin so you now have two stitches back on the pin.

Continue lifting each stitch from the previous row over and onto it’s pin on both sides of the board.


Once all previous stitches are on their respective pins, start pulling the yarn to remove the previous row.

Once you have completed removing the row, you can continue following these instructions until you get to the row you need repair.


Tip:  Before starting, you may want to mark the error row with a piece of different colored yarn so you will know when you have reached that row.





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