How to Learn Basic Double-Knit Loom Stitches Without Being an Expert

There are not very many books on the basics of double-knit loom knitting out there.  But there are a few and of those, this one is my all-time favorite. Written by experts Pat Novak and her daughter, Kim Novak, this beginner’s guide is that and much more.  Not only are the basics discussed, there are plenty of stitches to learn and beautiful, detailed photo instructions to help you.

Knitting Board Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Using a Knitting Board with Over 30 Easy Projects


Detailing such as plackets, buttonholes and pockets are discussed, as well.  You’ll even learn how to create patterns with colors, from horizontal and vertical stripes to checkerboard patterns.  With plenty of projects (more than 30!) to create using your new skills from easy to more complex, none are too difficult.


This is my double-knit loom “bible”, if you will.  Pat and Kim are the hands-down experts in this field.  They also are the creators of the Authentic Knitting Boards, that can be found here.   If you want to quickly learn from the experts in double-knit looming, this book is the best there is, bar none.


Knitting Board Basics is available at various online bookstores as well as at Amazon here.




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