Criss Cross Stitch

Criss Cross Stitch

Cast on by tying a little slip knot on the top (back row) left-hand pin (or peg).  Bring down your yarn to the 4th pin on the bottom and just wrap around and bring the yarn to the back row again, skipping one pin:


Continue wrapping every other pin to the end of the row.  Your last two pins will be wrapped next to each other.   Turn your board around, bringing the yarn around both of the end pins.

CrissCross22       CrissCross5

Continue wrapping the yarn around the open pins – every other pin.  Now all pins should have a loop on them.


Repeat the first set of stitches one more time.  You should now have two loops on each pin.  Starting on one end of the front pins, insert your hook into the bottom loop and bring that loop over the pin so that you now only have one loop on the pin.  Continue along both sides until all pins are left with one loop.


One row has now been completed.

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