5 Reasons To Love Double-Knit Loom Knitting

5 Reasons To Love Double-Knit Loom Knitting


There are two types of loom knitting: single-knit and double-knit. Single-knit uses one row or circle of pegs when wrapping yarn. Double-knit uses two horizontal rows of pegs and yarn is wrapped back and forth between the two rows.


Single-knit is a great way of producing hats, scarves, afghans, etc., and there are plenty of patterns and videos available for the single-knit loom project. I, however, prefer using the double-knit loom. And here’s a few reasons why:


handReason #1: Easy on the hands
For those of us whose hands ache when knitting or crocheting, loom knitting is easy on the hands and fingers.





Reason #2: Reversible
There is no right or wrong sides of the project. Both sides are the same! So when you create multi-color items with patterns, the same design will show on both sides.




Reason #3: Straight Edges
Since you control the number of stitches, you don’t end up with too many or not enough while knitting – which, for me, always resulted in warped sides when knitting traditionally.




Reason #4: No dropped stitches
Because your stitch stays on the pin until you hook over, there’s no dropped stitches.







Reason #5: No blocking
When double-knit loom knitting, the edges don’t curl and there is no reason to block.







Overall, these 5 reasons to love Double-Knit Loom Knitting are a great start. But don’t forget, there’s a lot more to reasons to love double-knit loom knitting so dive right in and explore all the possibilities.





  • Deborah Barton on

    I punched the wrong answer! This was very helpful I would love to find sweater patterns for a double knit loom

    • Chris on

      Deborah, sweater patterns are hard to find, aren’t they? The Knittingboard site has some great sweater patterns. Check them out here.

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