Hearts and Checks

Hearts and Checks

Here’s another foray into multi-color projects.  A cute little dish cloth for those small jobs, a little mix of hearts and checks using 100% cotton yarn.



Download pdf of chart here.


Each block in the pattern represents one stitch.  The red blocks represent the red stitches and the white blocks are the white stitches.  Viewing the chart, we will work from bottom up.


Using the Stockinette stitch, wrap your first two rows in red.  The next row will be in white.  On the next row and throughout the pattern, you’ll want to wrap your red yarn first in the row, then follow with wrapping the white yarn.


To view how to wrap this kind of pattern, check out this post here.


Follow the pattern in the Stockinette stitch to create this dishcloth or use this pattern when creating a scarf or other project. The beauty of these charts is that you can reuse these in any project that catches our fancy!



Basic and Advanced Stitch Guides



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