Everything You Need to Know About Double-Knit Loom Knitting eBook

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Knitting doesn't need to be frustrating to learn nor painful to your hands. With double-knit loom knitting, you can create beautiful knit items without the pain (mentally as well as physically!). But trying to find how-to's for double-knit loom knitting can be difficult - and and a how-to manual? Impossible. But not anymore!

In this eBook, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on a ton of basic as well as advanced double-knit loom stitches. Each step is accompanied with close-up photos so you can see exactly what you are being instructed to do.

You’ll also learn the basics such as casting on, binding off, etc. Finally, we’ll delve into color fun – how to read color charts, (it’s easy…really!) and adding those colors into your projects! Oh, and even that elusive buttonhole how-to!
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