Basic and Advanced Loom Knit Stitch Reference Guide Set

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3-Hole Punch?



  • Laminated
  • Plastic
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Both the Basic and Advanced loom knit stitch reference guides together in one set. Heavy-duty lamination keeps your 11.5” x 9” guide sturdy and can be 3-hole punched at your request.

Sit back, relax and indulge your love of loom knitting without having to search for the perfect double-knit loom stitch. Let your knitting juices flow with inspiration and be guided step-by-step, all at your fingertips.

Keep these handy guides by your side while you loom knit your beautiful creations. Use a dry-eraser or Sharpie to make notes in the Notes section provided for each stitch. (Helpful hint: Erase permanent markings using nail-polish remover!)

Loom Knit Central provides easy-to-understand stitch instructions as well as easy patterns that include more than just scarves and hats, all using the double-knit technique. Visit

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